Monday, November 17, 2008

Joy(s)ful Weekend

If the title resembles anyone's name, well it was intended.

A few mummies asked me if Chloe is modeling for Joyce from The MKJ Photography. Now the answer is Yes. It became 'official' last Saturday.

Hubby and I are very happy with her works so far and extremely love how Chloe was captured in her sharp lens. Not to mention Chloe loves her a lot too. She would smile to Auntie Joyce everytime she sees her.

I must add that Joyce is a good photographer to work with, she makes us feel at ease at all time. Hence, the natural shots were captured. Most important of all, she is now 'signing' Chloe as her model.

We spent a great day with Joyce and her kids on Saturday (along with Sabrina, TH and Jasper too!) We spent whole afternoon in Turf City; lunch at Sol Playground Cafe, and fun at Fidgets.

That was followed by a fine-dining dinner experience at Crystal Jade Dining IN, Vivo City! Excellent food with tip-top service! The great ambience at the restaurant gave the feeling of a 'contract-signing' ceremony taking place! :)

One after another, it was a joy(s)ful weekend! Many thanks to Joyce who gives Chloe this chance to be her valuable model. It's an honour :)

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