Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kelly's Graduation Ceremony

We had fun attending Kelly's Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony and Concert last night. Kelly is my 6yo niece. Everyone went to support her 'big night'. Even Chloe did.

The over-worried parents (me and hubby) were quite reluctant to bring her along initially. She proved us wrong by dancing, cheering, clapping along with the kids' dances. She must have had the most fun last night.

As for me, I was weeping when I saw the kids queuing up, descending the stairs and making their way up to the stage. Haha. I always get emotional when I see family members or close friends embarking new journeys in their lives.

In my heart, undoubtedly, I was imagining the day when Chloe is graduating from Kindergarten. Haha. Probably I'll cry buckets when the day comes :P

Anyway, some pictures to share:

And a video of a supportive baby audience at the concert :)

Chloe's First Concert from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

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