Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dealing With Grouchy Baby: A Quick Survival Guide

Hello.. I'm a mother of one. My girl is now around 14mths. Here I'll give some quick survival tips on how to save the day when you are out in the crowd and your kid started to rebel.

For example, your kid started to whine, shout and throw tantrums in the restaurant..

Find something anything handy and within reach to distract her..
Anything could be transformed into the magic tool!

In this pictured situation, I used my straw to enlighten her..

To her, drinking via my straw has somehow made her (plain) water became sooo delectable. So you gotta play along with it.. and exaggerated too, "Oh.. so yummy!"

You might have that evilish winning laughter within you..
Ah.. so long she could keep quiet, rite?

If that didn't work well... you could let your kid out to roam around...

Or bring her outdoor in the vicinity, if space allows...


I hope those simple tips would come handy to you someday.

That way, you and your other half would only savour the lovely meals like these in peace! Enjoy! :)


**This article is written by PRIMA, with real life model, Chloe, her 14-mth-girl
**Photos taken at CA*California, Dempsey Hill


Daddy and Mummy said...

That is a v good guide! But I think the last pointer (the lovely meals part) work best for Lleyton. Haha.. :)

PRIMA said...

LH, You crack me up hahaha.. Lleyton is forever cute lah :)

Undine said...

haha.. good tips!=D