Monday, December 1, 2008

Look What I've Found!

We love weekends for we are able to catch up with our sleeps. Well who doesn't?

Chloe wakes up pretty early regardless of weekdays or weekends. Anytime starting from 5.30am, if she skips her midnight feed. What I do normally is to bring her out from her playpen (Yes! she's sleeping in a playpen! - with firm mattress though) and ask her to sleep in between me and hubby on our king size bed.

Sometimes she goes back to sleep, sometimes not. We, on the other hand, continue to sleep. Here and there we'll feel some slaps on our faces, some touches on our face features (includes nose poking! *ouch*), clothes rolling up by the cheeky baby. We, or rather I, hear (since hubby is a deep sleeper hehe) some baby talks along my sleep catch-up.

However, there are some luxury moments when I don't get any disturbance from Chloe at all. Sometimes I wonder what she was doing to be so occupied. Last Saturday, I found the answer.

After a family short nap in the afternoon, I woke up looking around for her missing hankie. I was searching high and low in between the sheets and blanket for a blue hankie. Then it crossed my mind that she ever threw her pacifier through the top of our bed frame, on the disclosed area.

There, I found not only the blue hankie that went missing. I saw another blue, yellow and 2 more pink hankies! Plus a smiley anti-mozzie repellant!! (Please ignore the dirt on that area... it's unreachable lah!)

Now I know why are there more missing items in the house than ever.
Chloe must be the culprit!


hippo said...

haha! watz up with our little morning birdies?? so funny to see things stuck behind the bed!

adri doesnt reali throw stuff behind the bed but she will keep her gerber stars as if they are gold hidden all over the sofa! and she'll dig them out once in a while.. hahahaha

PRIMA said...

haha yea lo... kids always surprise us with their cute acts.. hee