Thursday, December 18, 2008

PRIMAdaily and Blog Love Award

My blogger friend Lena tagged PRIMAdaily as one of her Blog Love Awards - for nice pictures everyday..

I'm delighted. Although it's not a big hooha award, I'm thankful that PRIMAdaily actually crossed her mind as part of her vote! hehe thanks Len!


This blog was started 2 years back for my own keep track, and now is revolving around Chloe and our daily activities. (I hope we don't bore you in any way!)

Would like to take this opportunity to thank friends, family and blog-hoppers who have been following and reading PRIMAdaily. I hope to continue brighten everyone's day with my daily posts.

Thanks a bunch!

ps. If ever this blog transforms into PRIMAweekly or PRIMAmonthly.. please bear with me and continue to give your support! :P

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