Friday, December 12, 2008


I have exclusively taken leave since Wednesday for Chloe since MIL is on holiday overseas. Come to think of it, I haven't spent time alone with her at home for some time. The past few on-leaves have been spent overseas as one family.

So, what's the difference between then and now? Then (which was about 6mths back) was easy, bath n feed her, make her sleep, everything is within routine.

Now... is challenging. (Stay At Home) Mothers reading this post will understand what I mean.

See? We even set up a safety gate in the house recently... That must be Chloe's Christmas present... sorry baby, all the budget for your presents have been put in this gate! :P


The first day (Wed) was fine cos hubby was on leave too. So we spent great quality time together. We even got quite a few things done too, like bringing Chloe for her 1st dose of flu jab, and going for my yearly pap smear etc etc. Oh, fixing the gate was one of the things done!!


Come Thursday, Chloe and I were home alone! In order to make the day passes easier, I decided to bring her out to Vivo City. She was happy. I was anxious. The initial plan was to flag a cab down, it would be sooo much easier, I thought, rather than taking the MRT/train.

Who would have thought, no available taxi was coming our way, at all. Not to mention there was another lady (who looked impatient) queuing for one too in front of us.

The 10-kg baby, the heavy bag and the equally heavy stroller made me thought thru, "Perhaps I'm fated to take the train today!"

The train journey wasn't as bad as expected though. Although it'd be better if there were some kind souls who could give up seats for this mummy with a baby. Well, fat hope!

Anyway, Chloe was happy to do 'people watching' in the train. The crowd amused her. She waved hi to almost every passenger on her sight. I was really glad that my first outing with her went really well. Will post more upon reaching Vivo City. Meanwhile, some pics on our way there...

"Oh Yeah! We're going to shop til we drop!"

"Erh.. Mama, are you sure u know your way there?"

"Are we there yet?"

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