Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When We Fidget For The 2nd Time...

We love Fidgets when we first visited last 3 weeks. So we (with the same gang) planned and anticipated for the 2nd visit last Saturday. It turned out.. not that fantastic anyway...

It could be the parents who were lacking of excitements, cos the kids were certainly enjoying themselves.

For me, there are pros and cons to bring a walking toddler to such playgym. Good thing is I don't have to hold her all the time. The bad and the most taxing thing, was she refused to stop, even for a second. Phew..

The most turn-off, however, was when I saw some parents walking around with no socks on! What?! I thought socks were a must? So I went to complain to the staff there and guess what's their answer was... "Socks were only necessary when you are hitting the play area. So, walking around in the cafe, barefoot, is OKAY!" Err.. I just couldn't except such an explanation when the cafe is just next to the young toddler play area. Hey, I did spot a few couples roaming inside the playarea barefoot okay?

Well, well, I guess we will stop visiting there for the time-being..
We'll see if we'll miss that place :P

Anyway, a few pictures to share:

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