Monday, December 22, 2008

"Where's Your Monday Post?"

It's really nice to receive friends' sms asking me, "Hey are you alright? Didn't see your new post on the blog!" :)

Ok I've been busy during weekend attending Christmas gatherings and rotting at home with hubby doing the DVD marathon. We've just finished watching 家好月圆 Moonlight Resonance last night. There are still a lot of dramatic and heartwarming scenes floating on my mind.

That should be the last series for this year. Should stop for now as my house is in great mess. The laundry, the unfolded clothes, the mess by Chloe, the gifts, the wrapping papers,... Trust me, you wouldn't wanna visit my house now :P

I hope the house will be back on track after Christmas day!

Now, enjoy! :)

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