Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8 weeks

Haven't been updated about my pregnancy for the past week. I have been pretty weak, caught a flu, a fever then the morning sickness is sticking to me like my best friend.

I have also suffered from computer/blogs withdrawal. I have no inspirations to write. I can't focus. I dunno what to write.. I get dizzy by the screens if i stare long enough.

But Facebook's Pet Society is my best companion right now. My pet King Kong cheers me up every time I login to play.

I have weird appetites. I don't know what I really like sometimes. Food that used to be my favourites (also those I love when I was expecting Chloe), like bread, milk, milo has now turned to be my most against food.

Roti prata and oranges makes me happy. Bean sprouts is naturally picked when I buy mixed rice & vege. And I never love bean sprouts so much in my life!

I am a light sleeper now. Thankfully, Chloe is starting to sleep through the nights. But there are some of the nights when she went to sleep early, without her milk, she would still wake up for her midnight feed. Just like now. I have been awake since 3.30am and am still blogging away at 4.45am.

And lastly, the trip is tomorrow morning. I'm excited yet worried if I can cope well. I hope I can. Hubby has learned to help out in many ways since I tested positive. He is now bathing Chloe without my supervision! Woohoo :)

Ok. I think it's time to get back to sleep...

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