Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Good Start

Our first day of 2009 couldn't be any better!

The day kicked off from a good uninterrupted sleep - all thanks to Chloe (I really need that beauty sleep after a long hour DVD marathon with hubby).

Then we proceeded to meet Alvin and YH for lunch buffet at The Paramount.
Chinese ala-carte buffet never tasted so good! We'll be back for sure :)

After lunch we picked up my KS bag from the post office. Then headed to Centrepoint for some post Christmas sales. Each of us got little something for ourselves.

The only flaw of the day was the Lumix battery died on me :(


Undine said...

oh yes! the paramount buffet is really good.. =p we went there for my mum's b'day celeb last year.. =)

PRIMA said...

Oh ya.. forgot to add on about their friendly service too! Feels like going back there for lunch soon :D