Monday, January 5, 2009


I drafted a few lines on my brain last night after I tested positive. Thinking on to jot them down here today.. but they are all gone by now..

Words can't describe how blessed I feel right now, really.

After a good 4 months of trying, I am finally conceived with number 2. Things got difficult when my period was irregular. The truth is, I last got my period on 21st Oct 2008. Had my check up on 10th Dec 2008 and I was told I wasn't ovulating well.

I was still waiting for my good friend to visit til recently I am having difficulty in breathing. Simple care-taking with Chloe made me ran out of breath. And the slight nauseous striked since 1st Jan 2009.. It didn't get better throughout the long weekend. So last night I decided to buy the kit and made a test to find out what went wrong.

I wasn't expecting much after a few negative tests in the past months. It was like miracle when I saw the vertical line appeared in the window, hence the positive sign! I went to tell hubby about the good news and we ended up making the silly blissful laughter in the room, just like 2 years back. We hugged Chloe tight and told her that she's going to be a 姐姐..

I was holding the tear.. I was on cloud 9. And I couldn't sleep well last night hee...

I'm praying for a smooth 9 months again and most of all, for a cute healthy baby :)

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