Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RSF Family Day At Sentosa

Last Sunday was our first time to visit Sentosa with Chloe. Something I've very much looked forward to. My face said it all upon reaching Sentosa. But the sleepy baby didn't seem to like the idea to be under the sun!

There were total about 10 cars/family that came on that day. Too bad there wasn't any group photo. I was carrying 9 mth old Wei Jie on below pic (isn't he so adorable?), while Chloe was being passed around.

Then the 'fun' part began when hubby and I proceeded to the beach, hoping that Chloe would love it as well. Poor girl was screaming once her feet touched the sand. She hated it so much that every single sand must be cleared away from her feet.

Not even walking (with sandals) on the sand! -___-||

So we had to give up on the idea and spent the rest of the day the usual way, photos taking and let Chloe roamed free. Although I must say it helped me to relax a bit, knowing that she would not have the guts to move too far to the beach hehe

More pics:
怕怕 (scared) of the sound of the wave!

Not very happy still..

"Baby stay here and take pics with Mama!"

"Catch me if you can.."

Wanted to play with little puppy yet keeping a distance...


Emily said...

oh gosh! we were both in Sentosa over the weekend too! how could we have missed you!

PRIMA said...

oh really? i just followed the rest.. i dun even know which beach i was at? hehe

did Jayden have fun?