Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back To The City!

We went back to Haikou City after 4 nights stay at the village. I was so happy to go back to the hotel we stayed. No more strong winds most importantly.

I missed the thick blanket and the warm feeling after tucking myself in.. And the queen size bed that hubby kindly let me have it myself!

Upon reaching hotel lobby~ Kelly and Chloe

Busy with the luggages

Our 3-star hotel room, which felt like 5-star on our last night stay!

See the smile on her face?

I think she lost some fat on her cheeks~


L3N said...

last photo, Chloe with coloured hair? looks cool.. hahaha.

PRIMA said...

haha u r very attentive! last time chloe with blue eyes, now with coloured hair :) what's next? hehe