Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chloe: 16 months and 1 week

Your toddler is learning which of her tricks get a laugh out of you, and which bring your disapproval. She's studying your reactions, so now's a good time to start teaching right from wrong by cheering on "good" behavior (picking up a toy and putting it in the toy box) and frowning on "bad" (throwing the toy across the room). And don't forget to watch what you say and do around your child: Imitation is one of the ways toddlers learn socially acceptable behavior.

Source: BabyCenter

Another recent traits of her:

Chloe has been refusing to sleep early these days. It takes 2-3 attempts of putting her to bed before she would willing to sleep by herself.
What does she do to get out of the bed?
- Wails, cries, squeezing tears out of her eyes
- Crawl down the bed by herself
- Ask for 'help', by calling out, "爷爷,爷爷,爷爷" while pointing to the door
- When asked, "What do you want?", she continues to point to the door
- Immediately behaves herself and smile when she gets out of the bed

Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, kicking furiously and making a fuss out of nothing. Not for milk, nor for water, not even for pacifier. Then she would repeat the above acts again to get out of bed!


Chloe, oh dear Chloe, Mama hope it's just a passing phase. Perhaps you're teething. Or maybe you're just being plain naughty. But please be more 乖乖 especially when I have to handle you alone when Papa is overseas.

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