Monday, February 23, 2009

Pardon Me...

Last night I was awaken middle of the night and couldn't be able to get back to sleep. I was thinking about my blog! I miss my blog! I miss blogging!!


Pardon me for not being able to blog lately. My 11th week with baby no. 2 was tough. I have been visiting the toilet real often, almost every night. I knocked out almost immediately whenever I went to bed with Chloe at 9 plus.


Last week was extra drained after taking care of a sick toddler. Thankfully Chloe has recovered since yesterday. She started having fever on Tuesday afternoon, examined as a result of throat inflammation by the GP.

The on-off fever stayed its way til Friday, plus extra cough with phlegm too. Then her cheeky cloth-lifting act shocked me and hubby with the sight of rashes all over her body! We brought her to another GP on Fri evening. This new GP examined her carefully and concluded Chloe had viral infection.

Parents, take note, quoted by the GP: "Normal bacteria won't cause fever this long and would be cured by antibiotics soon enough. Only stubborn virus would keep infants/toddlers to have fever this long. Not to worry though, as long as the child is well-hydrated and still behaving as usual. Most importantly is to keep the temperature down."

Extra note: "Children will somehow be affected by viral infection, sooner or latter. There are hundreds or thousands types of different virus surrounding us. Common case is when children start to attend the playgroup or child care centres"

The rashes must be part of the heat-releasing from her toxic body. And also, accompanied by diarrhea consecutively on Friday and Saturday (3-4 times daily).

Another parental lesson learnt really! We were really relieved to see her appetite coming back, and her hyper-activeness too!


As for my 2nd pregnancy, I'm moving towards to the end of my 12th week now.. I do sense that the morning sickness is starting to wear off, although I still keep my fingers crossed!

Have a great week ahead :)

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