Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The B Words

Last week, Chloe learned to call "Bho4" to address both of her aunts.
"Ah-Bho" is 姑姑 in Hainanese.

Yesterday, Chloe surprised me and hubby by saying "Bao4"
while opening her arms wanting to be carried.

I'm impressed, because none of us actually 'taught' her to say "Bao".
In fact we're trying to teach her "Xie Xie 谢谢" at the moment.

No luck so far.


Emily said...

Hainanese are the hardest language to learn! I always get mixed up greeting my relatives. Ah Bho, Beh4 Leh2, Beh4 Nin3, Ku3 Gong3. Sorry for my terrible pin yin.

But Chloe did a good job!

PRIMA said...

yes yes.. i always got mixed up with Beh Nian, and Bueh Nian.. walao.. then what somemore.. Xi Mai... and many moreeeeee :P

i always let my hb greet the elderies first, then i copy his pronounciation haha