Tuesday, April 21, 2009

18 Months Assessment and 5-in-1 Booster

Yesterday we brought Chloe for her scheduled jab to the polyclinic. Her height and weight is now 85.5 cm and 11.54 kg, plus head circumfrence at 48.7 cm, hence concluding on 90-97% growth percentile.

Seems that Chloe grew a lot taller than last month. However, I wonder on the accuracy of the height measurement, cos she fussed too much and was merely quiet while the nurse took her measurement.

Chloe developed fever in the evening. We had difficulty in feeding her paracetamol until I told her a lie, "You have to go back for a jab if your fever don't subside!" It worked magic! She took the medication with no complaint!

Anyway, no more (compulsary) jab til she goes Primary School!


Novi said...

which one is better to take.. 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 coz my PD advised me to take 6 in 1..

oh anyway, how long should the fever last?
and do our kids always get fever after the jab?

PRIMA said...

novi, it's really up to your preference. for me, i go to polyclinic only, no private PD. and after checking out with a few experienced mums, we decided to go with 5-in-1. it's really up to u.

til now chloe is still feverish, shouldn't drag more than the 3rd day. the nurse/PD would advise u after each jab.

not every baby will have fever. depending on their bodies. :) chloe seldom get fever during the first few jabs leh... :P