Wednesday, April 1, 2009

18 Weeks

Some say I look like I'm at my 5th/6th month.
Some say I haven't been putting on a lot.

Well, what do you think?

ps. 18 weeks mark a new chapter to this pregnancy.
No more MS finally! I can ditch eclipse mint sugar finally!
The appetite is building up. *tummy rumbling*


mrs tan said...

the first pic cannot even tell that you are preggy loh.. keke

PRIMA said...

ok that makes me linger on 2 things. thanks anyway! :)

Mrs Kam said...

Hi Dewi,

So nice to hear that your MS stopped, finally!

The front picture can't tell that you are pregnant. But the side photo can definitely tell you are pregnant (not fat :-)). Very reasonable size for 4 month+ leh. My tummy has gone way to BIG...... :-)

PRIMA said...

Hi Kam, thanks!

have always wanted to tell you that, i can't view ur blog lately. my firefox quits everytime i clicks on your blog~! i wanna see how are you keeping up also!!! :)

know gender already?

ecookie said...

its a boy!!! u are carrying high!

PRIMA said...

LOL! Thanks wenhui! I see HOPE! :)

Mrs Kam said...

Hi Dewi,

Oh really? I am also using Firefox, no problem so far. Don't hear same complain from my other friends also. Wonder why???

I am doing very well, at 17th week now. Since you missed my blog - summary - did OSCAR, high risk. So did Amniocentesis last Tuesday, will get results next week. My gynae "predicted" most likely will be a girl :-) Will confirm once the Amnio reuslt is out next week. Else have to wait for detail scan scheduled on 20th April.

When will be your detail scan? You hoping for a boy?

PRIMA said...

I'm sure everything will turn out fine :) Hopefully yours will be a girl! Happy for you :)

My detailed scan is next thursday. Will update once i got to know bb gender :) take care ya!

wiwimu said...


PRIMA said...

Kam, i just went into ur blog using safari. guess what, i think cos u changed ur blog template ya. it didn't give me any prob viewing before.

i saw a lot of weird characters while viewing via safari, esp on the wordings after blog title (the one in orange) and some other highlights.

i hope this helps :)