Thursday, April 16, 2009

Detailed Scan at Week 19... and Week 20

This blog has been quite for almost a week. Nevertheless, I thank everyone who continue to drop by to check out updates of my detailed scan.

Last Thursday (9/14), I went for my detailed scan appointment at TMC. I was anxious to find out baby's gender more than anything else.

Our wishes to have a boy came true. As I was lingering with the good news in my mind, the sonographer mentioned some unusual find in the scan. That stopped the joyous beam, the happy imagination, basically everything.

Then I was scheduled for another re-scan on the next Wednesday (15/4), when the doctor-in-charge (of scanning) would be available.

So, yesterday afternoon, both hubby and I took leave to go for another re-scan. The sonographer repeated all the measurement. "Baby is growing well, looking at how much he grows from last week." Phew, that's relieving...

My selective hearing filtered a lot of "good", "OK", "oh, now that baby has grown a bit more, I could clearly see this, which I couldn't last week" coming out from the sonographer. She showed us the male organ again, to further convince the worrying parents.

But what she claimed as the unusual finding, she left no comment but asked us to wait for Dr. Chang, the specialist doc, to explain what it was. After a good 30 minutes or so, she left the room and asked for the doc to come check on me.

A good-looking-pretty-young-male-doctor-with-a- serious-look came in the room and casually greeted hubby and I. He was quiet and serious throughout the scan. As compared to the sonographer, he's fast and skilled to spot the 'unusual finding'.

The whole session summarized that there's a dilated vessel in my baby's liver. A rare one which both of them, and even my gynae haven't come across to. It's a little section of the artery which seemed to be more open than usual. "Blood flow in the area is perfectly normal though." The doctor then urged us to wait for the report outside the ultrasound room.

15 minutes later, we were at my gynae's clinic, hoping that he could elaborate more and share with us his opinion. As the true angel he was, he answered our questions patiently. "It shouldn't be anything serious that is affecting baby's health at the moment, or even til delivery. Although we could do a thorough scan on baby again after he's borned. What we can do now is just monitor closely on baby's growth."

Dr Adrian Tan, my gynae, did mention that there were a few similar cases from his patients, where the dilated artery was found in the baby's kidney. And all of them were perfectly healthy. That summed up to our consultation of the day, before he cheered us more, "Stay happy, enjoy the pregnancy, God has answered our prayers!"

If you could witness us there, you would see how quickly our facial gestures changed. Our frowns were erased, our lips started to curl up, eyes turned small and our bright-but-not-so-white-teeth started to show!

Here I sincerely thank everyone who have prayed for my baby boy. He will continue to grow strong and healthy. I will do my best to take care of myself for the next 20 weeks. Thank you! :)


Mrs Kam said...

Hi Dewi,

Many congratulations, you are expecting a boy!

My heart went up and down reading your post. As the gynae mentioned, it's not serious problem, baby will turn out fine and healthy. Don't worry so much and enjoy your pregnancy, now that your MS has subsided.

Dr Chang is a very good gynae, known as the expat gynae (~50% of his patients are expats), he specialised in ultrasound and handling high-risk pregnancies, trust him. I will be doing my detail scan next Monday at his clinic, not at level 3, as his clinic is just next to my gynae's clinic, under the same cluster. He is very kind and professional (and good looking!).

In case you are still unable to log in to my blog, our wish also accomplished - I am expecting a girl! The amniocentesis results turned out okay, and clearly show our baby has the XX chromosome :-)

Emily said...

I can totally understand that moment of relief. When I was having J, they detected a thicker skull saying signs of DS. That gave me sleepless nights until the report came out. Well, god has heard your prayers just like how he heard ours. That's why we called him Jayden meaning - God has heard. :)

PRIMA said...

> Mrs Kam, many thanks!! Congrats to you too on expecting a girl :) Dr Chang is really too good looking hehe

> Emily, thanks again. Hmm.. thinking of names now!! :D

mummy carol said...


Im so happy for u! :)
Such a relief to hear that your boy is doing well.. Must be a roller coaster week for u but everythg is perfect now!

Take care and enjoy the pregnancy! ^-^

Regarding bb's name, maybe can consider Benjamin (my hubby's name) wahaha! :p

Jovialz said...

So glad that it all turns out well !!! Do take good care of yourself now and remember to 'BU' more tonics !

Love and always in our prayers !

p.s.: Benjamin quite common leh ... wahahaha ....

ecookie said...

chintz: so happy for you that everything turns out well! felt like tearing when i sensed the relief from your post. cos when i was having yz, blood tests showed some negative results and had to go for re-tests too. i remembered feeling the weight lifted off my shoulders when the good news came after the re-tests. u must have felt the same! :)

do take very good care of yourself from now on till delivery, ok! :)

Novi said...

dewi..'s a baby boy!!!
I am relieved too after reading the whole posting hehe..
like the doctor said..stay happy and enjoy tloatherohe pregnancy ya! :)

PRIMA said...

Thank you everyone! All of you have been very supportive throughout. So touched! :)

ps. carol, i second what jovialz think of ur hb's name leh hehehehehe

mummy carol said...

dewi & jovialz,

wao lao eh.. common but good leh! u see Spore got "Benjamin Sheares Bridge"! haa :p

ok ok i know.. can call "BTH"... wahaha.. :p

PRIMA said...

>carol, i really BTH you leh hehehe