Friday, May 29, 2009

Eat With Your Family Day

Finally this year the management approves early release for all the employees to go home at 5pm!

But again, how much does that 1 hour actually benefit to us? I probably dread for couple time with the husband more than anything now.

Maybe in the future we can have Spend Time With Your Other Half Day (minus the kids) hee..

So we could go dating, catch a show or 2, enjoy good meals without having to share the portion with the kids. Where we could enjoy food like these in peace!

OK, Chloe might not like this post! :P Gotta go back to work!


Andy Lim said...

Hahaha, you didnt complain about the poor service at Fins

Anonymous said...

where is this place??? food looks good... and the last one, prata bridge or what? hehe
- cheryl

PRIMA said...

Cheryl, this is Fin seafood cafe at Marina Square. But both me and TH thought the standard had dropped! not to mention the service too! :(

check out the last visit:

as for the prata, is something special prata at thomson road (if im not wrong).. we could go there when u are back!!! :)

miss ya!