Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday Morning at Seletar

Last week hubby found this new route during his cycling regime. It's a new road extension from Yishun dam linking to Punggol. So on Sunday morning, he drove me and Chloe to this place, of what he called an escapade out of Singapore. Huh?

True enough, we crossed the bridge from the dam to this nicely done road; we were in Seletar Island! It's as though we were driving on North South Expressway in Malaysia, but cleaner and fresher. Along the way we saw some workers, a few visitors who sneaked in to do fishing. It's definitely a relaxing experience.

I hope the little entrance to this escapade will remain available until its official open! Anybody know when is it gonna be?

Mac Breakfast on the road

Photos before turning back home:

That should be Malaysia at the background~

More pics:

Click here for complete set!

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lemongrass said...

Hey, your new found place certainly look cool. I don't even know there's a seletar island. It's really an escapade from sg...heehee...

lemongrass aka sanbebe