Tuesday, June 9, 2009

28 Weeks: B for Bosco

Went for my monthly check up yesterday with hubby. It was the longest wait so far! We waited for 2 hours before I was called in to see Dr Tan. Imagine if we were to go during weekend~~ phew..

Finally signed up SBI (Subsequent Born Incentive) membership yesterday and got some freebies (Oh, how I love freebies!). Also took the compulsary blood test in the clinic while waiting.

Glad to see our boy is growing well. His weight is around 1.2 kg. Forgot to ask about his length though. That's the thing when it comes to no. 2. You tend to slack and not really bothered by so much details. As long as baby is growing well... In a way, it's so much relaxing pregnancy for me! :)

Can see his baby fat on his cheek during the scan. He looks like hubby from the scan!! At least that's what me and Dr Tan felt hehe. His growth chart shows slightly above the medium range, I think he's starting to pick up our 'big size' traits :)

As for me, I gained 1.9kg from last month. Total weight gain so far should be around 9kg. Considered good for big eater like me! :)

Less than 3 months to see our boy, Bosco! :)


Anonymous said...

Dewi, congrats!! Juz read that you got a boy and he is growing well. Nice Combo, 1 girl & 1 boy ; ) Take care & enjoy your pregnancy!!

Jayden's mummy said...

Heehee, forget to put down my name. Jayden's mummy here ; p

PRIMA said...

Thanks Eileen :)

u got FB? can add me there? can go to any of the photo links in the blog and add me pls? hehe

My Prince Jayden said...

Yes, i got FB but very new to it. Go which link to add u? I try & find. If i can't find, u add me at janbb08@yahoo.com.sg ;p