Thursday, June 18, 2009

29 Weeks: Vulnerable

I have to accept that the last trimester is the most difficult in this pregnancy journey. It seems like my body, mind and soul are each fighting some physical or emotional attacks.

Apart from the aching lower tummy, back and legs, the swelling gum and problematic teeth have taken parts too! I get hungry often, and each time I eat, I get toothache. Worse, the toothache is leading to some kind of headache. Food enjoyment for 20 minutes, toothache for at least an hour. What an irony!

Mood swings or not, I'm ultra sensitive these days. Facing the stress at work, I do feel incompetence at times. I want to be heard, be treated better and be loved.

Ahh.. so much rantings early in the morning!

And I still have about 2.5 months to go...


Novi said...

same here...pas hamil caleb, i had problem with tooth too! maybe it's just boys thing hehe...katanya hamil anak cowok lbh banyak ambil calcium mamanya..
endure dear..2.5months is fast! :)

PRIMA said...

thanks nov! :)

Mrs Kam said...


Oh.... hugz hugz.... hang on there, just a little more than 2 months.

joyousmama said...

YOU ARE THE BEST! No doubt for that...esp in Chloe and your HB's eyes! Jia you jia you!!!

PRIMA said...

Thank u Kam, Thank you Jas. Hugs :)