Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Astons at Sembawang Shopping Centre

We found new love for western foods.
It's good and cheap that hubby urged to me quickly share it with our readers!

It's Astons Specialities at Sembawang Shopping Centre.

I thought it's the first main store since SSC has just been rebuilt this year. Then I googled only to find that they have a lot of branches across the island. Ah... are we mountain tortoise or what? No wonder the queu is always long regardless weekend or weekday!

We first tried the food out last Sunday with the family. 4 main courses plus drinks costs us less than SGD40. It's really value for money! Though the portion is not a lot, but you just pay for what you really eat. No add-on gimmicks for soup, dessert, or drinks that you end up too full with or waste.

So yesterday we went back again to celebrate Kelly's birthday. 8 main courses plus drinks costs us SGD80 over. And we could save some extra tummy space to enjoy Kelly's ice cream cake later at home :)

This was what I had yesterday, Prime Sirlion... yumzz

And hubby's Bourboun Ribs!

You get to choose 2 side dishes (cold or warm) to go along with your main course! Try it out!


Novi said... looks so nice!
btw, dewi...itu nursing cover beli di BP kok.. I think it's $39 kalo ga salah..

PRIMA said...

novi, iya ga liat yang mirip sih, trus yang dijual skrg close to $50 :P thanks ya!

Tiffany said...

hey, the food there is really worth for $ n nice. Everytime we went to SSC, we mostly had our dinner there cos can choose 2 side dishes.hehe.

PRIMA said...

Yeah someday maybe we could bump into each other there :)