Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save My Hair!

"My new hair do has received lots negative feedbacks then I had expected. I'm sad.. Mama is even more sad.. I hope this won't affect Mama's blog readers to stop visiting her blog.."

"The other day, Mama and I had fun experimenting what can be done to save my hair look! She thought this semi-afro style looks really cool on me!"

"Ha! She gotta be kidding me right?"

"After several attempts, we both agreed that hair extension is the best option to save my look! What do you guys think??"

"Oh dear hair, please grow faster!!!"


Daddy and Mummy said...

wahha.. the last pic super sexy sia! Like some super model..

dun be sad.. hug hug Chloe.. u still as sweet as ever!

PRIMA said...

Thanks Leng Hui! :)

Congrats again on having a girl! :D

Novi said...

owww...she still looks cute prima ^^

PRIMA said...

Thanks Novi! :D