Wednesday, July 15, 2009

32 Weeks: Sleepless Nights

Not sure if Chloe senses her 'lil brother is coming, or it is only a passing phase, Chloe has been waking up every night since last week. She's been sleeping through the nights since 2 months ago, but now the habit kicks back again.

Few weeks ago, we have created a cosy corner next to our bed for her. She loves her new 'bed' with lots of pillows as the wall protectors. She loves sleeping there although sometimes I offered her to sleep with me on my bed (to be able to put her to sleep without having to squatting up and down). She loves having her milk there before going to bed, she loves having afternoon nap there too.

But things started to change last week. She would wake up (sometimes crying sometimes not), walking to me and waking me up. "Mama, neh neh!" there she asked for milk. After I made the milk, I said, "Ok, go to your bed and get prepped up (read: put hankie on)"

Who knows she would climb to my bed and lie on my pillow with her winning smile... and she would be fast asleep after her midnight feed, hugging on to my bolster. We tried going back to sleep, squeezing on the bed, but it didn't work.

Poor papa had given in to sleep on her cosy corner, allowing space for me and Chloe. But I just couldn't go back to sleep... Not at least struggling for 2 hours. Midway, I would feel hungry, woke up to have a cup of warm milk, like what I'm doing now. I hope coming online would make my eyes sleepy hence sleeping better later!

I really hope things will improve soon...


Mrs Kam said...

My boy also woke up for night feed out of a sudden (he has been slept through since he was 10 months). He did that for about 2 weeks, I think it's another growth spurt? Then now no more milk. But he still wakes up at about 3pm and wants to come to our bed. I just let him be, so that our sleep won't be disturbed so much, and he happily squeezes in between us, and sometimes gives us some kicks :-) If I don't let him to come to our bed, he would just turn and turn and turn in his cot and took forever to fall asleep again.

PRIMA said...

Hao Re and Chloe must have sensed their mei mei and didi coming... :)

when are u starting ur maternity leave?

Mrs Kam said...


I shall work till the day I have to be admitted, won't take leave earlier :-)

I am a PR, so only have 2 months of maternity leave, can't enjoy the 4 months like you :-(