Monday, August 17, 2009

37 Weeks and 6 Days: Getting Induced!!

Today check up showed up high protein level again in the urine swab. After 3 consecutive similar check ups like this, Dr Tan suggested to be induced soon! He's afraid that this pregnancy will be more complicated shall baby stays longer inside.

Since Bosco is already 3.3 kg, and from my usual comments 'to quickly get it over with'.. Hubby quickly added on, "Sure. Why not TOMORROW??"

So, tomorrow 9am I'd be at ACJ Clinic again, getting ready to be inserted tablet to trigger the contractions.

This is it! We are hoping to see Bosco tomorrow!

Pray for a SMOOTH and FAST delivery :)


Eunice Rachel said...

all the best, babe! God bless, and looking forward to seeing Bosco's pix! :) hugs.

hiPPo said...

all e best dearie! smooth delivery and take care.. have a fun time! =)

PRIMA said...

thank u babes!!!

Patzie said...

WUAH Getting induced??!!!!
BE STRONG honey n Everythings going smooth. JIA YOU!!

Novi said...

my prayer for u..mommy and bosco will be fine..happy meeting each other!! :)