Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back Home With Bosco

Thanks all for the well-wishes. I delivered Bosco 'smooth and fast' on 18 Aug 2009. Now I'm back home with the lil milk monster. Am currently still adjusting this new life. On the other hand has to cope with jealous Chloe!

Will blog about my birth story soon. Meanwhile, I have uploaded some photos on Facebook. Catch ya all later!


:: Claudia :: said...

Hey my dear... Little Bosco is so cute & chubby! Congrats again, proud mummy of a pair of prince and princess!!

Novi said...

bosco..bosco..bosco..!!! welcome to this world dear.. :)

how's chloe??

Anonymous said...

Hey Dewi congrats! Bosco looks so cute! My SIL just gave birth today also! Baby girl! but she's tiny compared to Bosco, only 6.05lbs! heehee! but so cute and alot of hair! :)

Patzie said...

WOW!! CONGRATS!!! Gile... hebat sekali... 3,9 kg??? OMG!!!
Lo sehat2 aja kan?

CONGRATS to BOSCO!!! Welcome ti THE WORLD yah... *muach2*

PRIMA said...

Thank you all. Muach Muach!!