Friday, August 7, 2009

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Not only Chloe loves styling our hair; pretending to comb or to cut our hair, she actually loves to get a hair cut too!

New interest seen today! When 奶奶 brought her along to the salon for a hair wash, little miss vain actually requested for a haircut - badly! She was nagging and begging for the stylist to cut her hair!

Neither did she fuss nor whine during the whole process.

Chloe is happy. But I'm disappointed.
Just when I thought her hair has grown longer again, there she went,
cut! cut! cut!



Patzie said...

Hahaha.. Smart chloe!! Tau ajah kl potong rambut mahal.hohoho.. Kl gizel mah plg susah suruh gunting rambut. Mesti nyolong2 guntingnya.

PRIMA said...

hehe iya.. tapi sayang.. pahadal mau dipanjangin supaya bisa diikat!! :P