Monday, August 10, 2009

National Day Gathering For Chloe and Friends

Chloe has a date with her friends at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden today. Everybody has to wear red and white to celebrate our nation's birthday. Chloe has been asking for this little tattoo on the face each time she sees the kids wearing one on the print, ad or banner.

So, Chloe's Papa put the tattoo on her face before we left the house.

And we were fashionably late!

The turning-terrible-twos kiddos!

Papa trying to put on another tattoo for her previous one 'dropped'!
Chloe: "How come the bear bear is distorted??"

Chloe had fun in the famous water play before we left.

I wished I could soak myself too under that hot scorching sun!

It sure was fun!

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