Monday, November 30, 2009

Bye Bye My Sweet 15-Week-Break!

Reality Bites!

Time to go back to work again after a good 15 weeks of maternity leave (reserve 1 last week for future use..). Certainly it doesn't feel like 15 weeks at all. I thought I just gave birth yesterday :P

Ah.. I'm so gonna miss the kids at home.. Especially sweet moments like this!

Hoping for a smooth return tomorrow. Good night! I'm sleeping early tonight :)


The Kam family said...

Welcome back to the workforce! Hope you and your kids adjust well to the new routine. You have done fantastically well for the past 15 months!

PRIMA said...

Thanks Mrs Kam! btw, it's 15 weeks. I wish it's 15 months :D

wiwimu said...

wah so fast. Hope all goes well when you return to work!

PRIMA said...

thanks Sri! so far so good. just very sleepy hehe