Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Entertainer and The Audience

"La la la la la..."

Make a guess who is her first audience

Sing, sing, sing // Dance, dance, dance

He sure loves her a lot! :)


Emily said...

I think more like no choice. Since Bosco can't crawl away. kekeke. :P

chersam said...

hahaha, emily is right!

but chloe really very cute =)

PRIMA said...

this will make her heartbroken :P

hiPPo said...

that's so sweet... though i have to agree with emily! hahahahaha.. but wat the heck! enjoy it b4 he starts crawling.. LOL

omegaforest said...

wah..busy need to take 2x as much pics and blog 2 x as much!

PRIMA said...

Matt, hehe yeah it's nice to be able to take pics of newborn. the toddler is too handful already!