Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Polliwogs Fun

Had promised to bring Chloe to have some fun time at the ball pit for the longest time. Last play was with Jayden and Davion in June.

So there came a playdate organized by the Oct Mummies at Polliwogs. After several thoughts, I concluded that Chloe deserves some fun time before I go back to work!

So yesterday, I took up the challenge of bringing Chloe and Bosco out with my helper. 2 bags, 1 bb bjorn carrier and 1 stroller. We flagged a cab down all the way to ECP and reached destination 20 bucks poorer. The fact that our car is sitting beautifully at our HDB car park is disgracing. I-must-learn-how-to-drive-soon!!!

Ok, back to the playdate, Chloe enjoyed herself to the max. Not that I find Polliwogs the best place so far, I reckon it's her improved motor skills along with her added confidence :)

Pictures time...

Check out her smile! You know kids don't lie :)

Hey look! We have the same eyes! hehe

Bosco kept himself awake and busy checking out the environment

The only group photo we took with Mummy Doris and Andrea

Lastly, Chloe refusing to go home...

On the side note, I still heart fidgets most!

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chersam said...

i wanted to take a group pic but no chance leh. all the kids so active running around only cherie at the table nia. she always a mummy's baby! =D