Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Second Dose of 5-in-1

It's time for Bosco's vaccination again this morning. Brave boy amazed me today with no cry, whine neither fuss.

His growth at 4 months is:
• Weight: 8.4 kg (90% percentile)
• Height: 66.2 cm (75% percentile)
• Head circumference: 42 cm (50% percentile)

He simply made me proud! :)


Mummy Carol said...

Bosco's size similar to YA's when he was 4 mth old! YA slightly taller and slimmer, 68cm and 8.2kg.. :)

PRIMA said...

Bosco and YA sizes are reflections of their daddies haha. YA tall like ur hb. Bosco is round and hugable like my hb *wink*