Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It has been an exhausting weekend for me.

It all started from Thursday where I was not feeling well at work. Came home to see the doc and given 2 days mc. Body chilled and ached the whole afternoon. Good thing was I managed to nap while Chloe and Bosco were still with their granny. Only picked them up during dinner and both greeted me in their own level of cheekiness.

Came back home, trying to change Bosco and put him to sleep. Effort wasted cos he was more energetic and awake than me. The husband came home just in time to save me! He took my temperature and it was 40 deg C. I went to bed around 8.30 leaving the kids to the husband. He did a really good job! :)

Next morning, I woke up feeling so much better. Fever's gone, but body was still aching. Wanted to plant kisses on the three of them, then I heard Chloe coughing with thick phlegm. Checked on her and her body was hot! Sigh..

Mum in law offered to bring Chloe to the doc and babysit her for the day so that I could rest. Aww... But that afternoon I didn't have a chance to rest at all, because Bosco started to cough too. My poor boy~~

That night, Bosco couldn't sleep well. He coughed and wailed. Coughed and wailed. So heartpain to see my 5 months old that way. The next morning, we brought him to the PD.

As a mother, I haven't been so busy and exhausted like last Saturday. Bosco would throw up some milk when he coughed. He became this super cranky baby that needs to be carried all the time. He got worse when close to bedtime. All the crying and shouting must have caused his tummy upset. I don't know how I survived that night.

Thankfully the fever and cough subsided on Sunday. It was my first tough lesson to have two sick babies at home. Twice the heartpain, twice the attention.

Now the three of us are still recovering from the stubborn cough. Hopefully this coming weekend we could all go out and have fun. Through this episode I learn to appreciate people even more. I'm so thankful to have a supportive husband, very helpful inlaws and friends!

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Emily said...

ooo..ouch...you survived strong mummy! hope the kiddos are well now. J had flu over the weekend too.

see if you wanna meet up this weekend for our unfulfilled west excursion to 'relax'. hahaha

PRIMA said...

hehe thank you gal!

u still up for some scientific excursion? i think we can meet same time this Sunday! :)

Emily said...

yes! we must CONQUER our quest. wahaha...so lame. you let me know ya