Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year Resolution

Met up with a dear girl friend today. It's been some time since we last chatted. I asked what's her 2010 resolution is.

Instead of the cliche answer of 'slimming down' (this is actually one of my wish!) or 'making more money' that too many people wish for, she replied genuienely that she hopes to have time catching up with her good friends.

That's the easiest resolution i think, yet many of us can't achieve it. How long ago since you last called up an old friend to ask how he/she's been?

How long have you not make yourself available to catch up with an old buddy? Even I can't give myself a good explanation on this.

To think that i'm so shallow of wishing to slim down, to become a sahm with no action taken! *shakes head*

It has given me a wake up call. This is the least effort needed, just an SMS or a call away! Get your fingers moving... Catch up with the friends on your contact list!

Truly thanking Mich for coming to visit me and the kids today :) From this, I know I'm on your 'worthwhile-friends' list too! Hugs!!

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