Friday, February 5, 2010

15mins to cut a cake?!

That was our bad experience at nydc Bugis this afternoon.

We waited for 15 mins for our black forest cake to be served after our main courses. Asked the waiter to check the order, he replied me happily, "Since it's a new cake, we're taking more time to cut the cake."

Upon seeing my disappointed face, he added on, "It's a very delicate cake. Could you wait 1 more minute?" Seriously, what the (?!?!)

We cancelled the order and made payment to leave immediately. Nobody bothered to apologize at all!!

NYDC? Never Again!!

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Blurbelle said...

waliew.. he meant the cake need to be DEFROZE? i will leave on the spot too! :P

PRIMA said...

ya lor, jia lat hor?