Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jurong West Eat-and-Play Date

Last week (30.01.10) , Cherie and I were invited to Jas' house for a 'humble 家常便饭 lunchie' - as quoted by her. And we know she lied about that. Wonder mummy put on her cooking hat and whipped up an irresistible chicken rice plus steamboat. We were so lucky to enjoy a sumptuous meal at her warm, cosy house!

Of course, there was a playdate involved too! There was Dayan and Danson, Chloe and Bosco, plus Adrienne and her didi (who is still in his mummy's tummy).

Wokay, pictures time:

Dayan, Chloe and Adrienne – standing together

...and lying together (?!)

Hugging her friends tight

Bosco can only watch the fun

Danson trying to play with Bosco

Lastly, snugly sitting on auntie Jas' lap :)

Thanks to Auntie Jas, now Chloe and Bosco have a nice playyard!


joyousmama said...

Wow! Seems like its their own house! Very nice...i love it! Glad its of use to you all. The balance panels i used to block some areas that i dun want them to touch. hahaha!

PRIMA said...

thanks to you gal! the balance panels were later on added to form a nice rectangular after this photo was taken :)

they got big space, but the parents have to sacrifice :P