Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Battle Of Milk

My initial plan was to breastfeed til Bosco is 1 year old. But the lack of self-discipline-me psycho-ed myself that I have at least met the 6 months benchmark.

My supply was dropping drastically since I stopped pumping at work. Ah well, "Time to wean", I told myself. I then gave myself some pats on the back and moved on to open the 1st tin of Formula Milk.

This is my after-work pump every weekdays evening.

And that's really the results of the left and right pump each.
No joke. They are lopsided now -.-

So, we started to supplement Mamil Gold to Bosco last week. But Bosco doesn't really like the taste of it. On and off, he takes 1 feed per day. Smart boy would rather wait for me to come back from work and feed him, instead of finishing his formula milk.

• • •

With great persistence, Bosco's grandma has been preparing porridge by trying different ingredients to best entice her little darling. Sweet potato. out! Pumpkin. too sweet! fish. eeermmmm...

Afterall, Bosco likes it plain. He loves the plain porridge which was double boiled with pork ribs. So yes, he has 2 feeds of the porridge every day, with that pathetic amount of breastmilk while I am at work. For the rest of the night, at least 2x latch-on to keep him full.

Whatever keeps him happy, really!

So, the milk battles and solid saga continues.
I really hope it to be a 'wean-win' situation.

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Daddy and Mummy said...

You are doing so well already! Bosco is already 8 mths and is so chubby!

I'm somewhat like you now.. except I am not sure if I can last till 8 months. From being able to pump 3feeds of EBM, to 2 feeds.. now barely enough for 1. haha..