Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dora Hair Cut

Some of you might have read this on my fb page. It was time for hair trimming last weekend. Tried a few times to persuade Chloe to go for haircut in vain. Then this smart Mama *ahem* thought of a way to attract her to the salon.

In summary, Chloe then brought Dora's DVD along to the salon and told the stylist, "Uncle, please have my hair cut like Dora!"

So, this is Chloe, after the hair cut.

Looking like Dora or not, she knows we just love her to bits! Muackss!!

Oh to add on, sometimes she would mention that, "I'm so pretty with Dora's haircut now.. Mama also very pretty now with Dora's haircut!"

omg. hahaha!!

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