Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project Weekend

I love preparing the dishes for my loved ones! It's pure satisfaction when I see Andy and Chloe concentrate and clear their meals fast.

Happiness doubles when Chloe keeps repeating,
"Hmmm.. Nice! Nice!" *thumbs up*

Oh! How I love weekend so much!


Manis ;) said...

Wah.... u r a good cook :) do share ur recepie ok ;)

PRIMA said...

Denise, I don't have a recipe to start with. Just lots of trying hehhee.. I check with my mum and mum in law most of the time on how they prepare the dishes :P

lemongrass said...

Hmmm...look delicious!

PRIMA said...

thanks sanbebe! :)

wiwimu said...

Yummy :)