Wednesday, May 19, 2010

31 Months Old

5 months to go before Chloe turns 3 years old. My oh my.. It still feels like yesterday when I was promoted to a mother *age denial*

Anyway, Chloe has been 100% diaperless for a month. Andy and I would make effort to drag her up to the loo before midnight. That way, she would be able to stay dry til morning.

Chloe speaks, argues, complains, negotiates, laughs, cries, plays, sings, dances a lot, everyday. She is very enthusiastic towards school that she has her imaginary friends, teachers, classroom and homework.

Chloe proves to have pretty good memory. Many a times she surprises us with her vivid memory and observation for details. Last month for example, I was overwhelmed when she could point out my office building when we drove past it during the weekend. She only visited my work place once this year, in January.

We look forward to her loving acts and cute conversation, everyday!
Love you to bits, Chloe darling! :*

Singing at 2.5 yo from Dewi Prima on Vimeo.

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