Friday, May 21, 2010

I Have A Confession To Make

I've been so lousy. I regret my stupidity. I want to note this down and make sure it won't happen again.

Chloe just drove me up to wall this evening. She has been crying a lot this week. Almost every night before sleep and making lots of noise in the midnight.

I totally lost my cool when she was crying for nothing for the last 20 minutes.

Like a mad woman, I took out the cane and screamed at her...
I even did all that yelling in front of Bosco.

What the heck has got into me?

I took a breather by stepping out of the bedroom and calmed myself. Chloe followed my path, and still crying. And there she stood still, and finally vomited due to excessive crying.

Fighting the angst and guilt in me, I moved back to the bedroom while my helper cleaning up Chloe at the living room. As I carried Bosco in my arms, his eyes was so soothing as if he was trying to ask me, "What went wrong?"

There, I was awaken. My heart sank. How could I react so harsh towards Chloe when all she needed was only pure affection. Right at that moment, Chloe appeared in front of me again, weeping, and asking to be hugged.

I put down Bosco and quickly welcomed Chloe to my arms. I felt so sorry for her. She then fell asleep in less than 10 mins. Gosh, she must be so tired of all the crying. I whispered sorry to her and kissed her good night.

I hope my sunshine would forgive me!


hiPPo said...

hey babe, go easy on urself too! i m sure most of us understand wat u muz hv felt. well, i m guilty as charged 2. n try as i might 2 control myself, all hell break loose when adri goes cranky.. hugz.. we learn 2 b better parents thru mistakes...

PRIMA said...

Thanks for the comforting words girl. I'm sure you can overcome this too. Like you say, we are better parents as the day goes by. Hugs!!

When do I get to see lil Ayden? :)

hiPPo said...

=) anytime gal! let's hv a playgroup soon!

O8moments said...

happened to me almost every night.. i am the worse mother!!! :(