Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lunch-Time Blogging Rocks!

I turned down the offer from colleagues to go lunch shopping at town, just to blog! I very much miss the quite free times after lunch-in days. So for the 3rd day in a row, I have been a good girl. But am kinda disappointed on myself that I forgot to bring my Lumix along for complete photos blogging.

We have enjoyed ourselves a lot over the past 2 weekends, hanging out with friends, spending time with Chloe and Bosco. Weekends never been better!

Catching up with my backdated posts, this was the Saturday night after the swim. The usual gang met up to celebrate Mr Tan's birthday, cordially organized by Mrs Tan.

Had really good pasta at Sweet Indulgence. Good chat, great companion, yummy cake! Of course the night didn't end there. We proceeded to the Yips for wii games. We really played wii can? – although then we proceeded to mj, again! :P

Some of the photos from my Canon:

Thoughtful wife arranged everyone to dress in blue!
And that makes the birthday man so outstanding :)

That night, I realized we have very limited blue outfits -_-"

Note to Mrs Tan: So, no more blue next time okie?
And I will upload the photos to fb soon...

1 comment:

mrs tan said...

yeah! so sad lor, i dun have enough photos to blog or upload to facebook for my hubby's bday!

note to em: ahem.. pls upload from ur camera too! keke

tnks babes!