Friday, May 7, 2010


Brought my Lumix today, and stayed in for lunch too.
BUT (!!), I have forgotten to bring the USB cable for the camera -_-"

Was browsing for some photos in the archive and found these...
It was last weekend's lunch for the family :)

Must have meat and vege

Add-on: steamed egg combo

Love this to bits

Hearty soup – 六味汤


Emily said...

next time you cook lunch for potluck ok?? looks so yummy!!! :p

Manis ;) said...

hi Dewi.. how did u cook the steam egg?? what are the ingredients?

PRIMA said...

Denise, the steam egg combo is made up of eggs, salted eggs and century eggs. The last ratio I tried was 7:3:3. Just mix them all together, add a lil bit of water and steam it :)

Hope you'll like it too :)