Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yesterday Once More

We have come to the end of the month once again. Have been caught up with work and family commitments in the month of June. No single playdate arranged for the kids, no mj for the parents. We miss you guys a lot (you know who you are!)

On the contrary, we had a lot of catching up with friends in the month of May. Digged out these photos which was not posted before..

Lunch with Sri during her 3rd trimester!

Tea session with Sabrina and family – now we're both mums of two!

Attended Claire's 1st Birthday Party

Pigged out with Ning Xuan's parents

Playdate at our place with Ning Xuan

Playdate with En Jie

(oops, this was in April! THAT long ago....!!)


mrs tan said...

i miss ur B & C too! how about having a mj plus potluck session soon? ;)

Emily said...

hahah...all the suspects start to own up. *hands up* I'm still waiting for my glitter tiles!

PRIMA said...

yep we really should resume to our routine. 2 weeks later perhaps? next week we'll be away.