Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A'Famosa Resort

Over the weekend we had this terrible experience with A'Famosa Resort, Malacca.

It all started with a getaway plan to Malacca. Thinking of trying some place new, we chose A'Famosa. Although heard from couple of friends that this place was not worth visiting; that everything there was expensive and that it was far from the city, we still made our booking at their condotel.

"How wrong could a resort be, right?"

So there we went, called up to make reservation. And double triple confirmed that all admissions to the attractions would be free alongside with the room booking.

Driving excitedly to the resort, we arrived at this deserted resort feeling gloomy. The view in front of our eyes were dry, yellow, patchy. What happened to the greenery? To the crowd? To the 'resort' atmosphere. My gawd!!

It was nothing close to the photos featured on their website. We tried to stay calm as we drove towards the condotel to check in.

Shortly after that, we stepped at this 2-star-lookalike apartment lobby, served by a staff who speaks minimal English, in her oversized uniform. I couldn't get her look out of my head even until now.

Good thing that she was polite. She suggested us to go around the vicinity while waiting for our key, which only will be available at 1pm. So we took her advise, hoping that the attractions would prove us otherwise.

But before we could entered to the water world and animal world, we were stopped to buy tickets! What tickets?? I thought it's included?!?

There and then, Andy and I felt we've had enough. We requested for cancellation right away. The idiotic reservation staff that I've spoken beforehand was completely ignorant of his empty promises. Where did all the free admissions go?? The whole conversation with A'Famosa staff was completely helpless.

The only helpful guy from the whole resort would be the front desk manager, who offered help to fulfill our cancellation request.

This experience with A'Famosa proves how a resort could get SO WRONG. Boo hoo!

We felt so relieved and lucky after we got out of that misery place. Then started the real holiday with our trusty Hotel Equatorial. Be back with more Malacca posts :)

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