Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kuantan 4-6 Nov: Quiet Beach

After filling our hungry tummies at the hotel restaurant, it's time to charge our souls too at the beach.

Walking from the restaurant, we past the quiet pool, before reaching the quiet beach too. We almost thought we have booked the wrong resort with low popularity. Only til the last day stay, we learnt to appreciate that quiet is tranquil. That we were smart to reach 1 day before the public holiday, to beat the crowd.

So this was first visit to the beach, Day 1:

Happy kids



Close-up bubbly

Happy family

Super happy families

Happy parents

See, we got the whole beach to our own

Behind the scene: mummy convincing son to pose for the camera. hehe

Next on: sandplay~

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Emily said...

haha. what a shot.