Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kuantan 4-6 Nov: Fun At The Beach

It's day 2 at Berserah beach and the crowd has filled as backdrops of these photos. In brief, it was the best beach holiday for the Lims.

I hope you'll enjoy these glaring photos!

see, ... Bosco hardly could open his eyes.

and me too!

Hermit crabs pretty in pink

Jayden and Chloe building castles

Busy Chloe and bored Bosco

Cheered up Bosco

He started having the guts to walk with assistance during this trip

*splash splash*

What expressions he has!

... and more (love hate relationship with the sand)

One for Bosco

One for Chloe

and ta-da! ♥ ABCD ♥

Love this shot I took

and this too!


And lastly, my helper's masterpiece! :)

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