Monday, January 31, 2011

Our White Christmas 2010

Yes. I'm fighting with the time. A few more days to cny, and I'm doing posts on Christmas 2010. Maybe it's the weather that inspired me. Geez, it's been raining non-stop for more than 24 hours now. Hope it stops soon. I wanna travel easy to work tomorrow morning!!

To keep it short, let's rekindle these white Christmas gathering photos...

Trying our angels hairpin at home

The family photo, with the kids slightly distracted

Jayden and Chloe - all grown up!

Chloe with the pretty aunties :)

Rachel joining motherhood in a few more months,
and a lil present for her prince!

This year's gift exchange, I picked Ruizhi's present...

And she actually got mine! How coincidence...

Ok. Andy had his kinky gift exchange moments -_-"

Group shots!

Everyone's happy!

Lastly, many thanks to all kind souls who have showered Chloe and Bosco with amazing Christmas gifts. Thank you for a wonderful year and friendship together.
I hope the coming years will be just as great, if not better!! :)

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Emily said...

Now you make me wonder why Andy didn't do a kinky shot with Dylan. :p

We should do a RED CNY this year!